Mark Curry


Mark left his legal career working in top-tier law firms to become a nutritionist and disrupt unhealthy industries that have not been shaken up in decades. Thanks to breakthroughs in science, and creative thinking, Mark has been able to start several companies and formulate the products of many more. Through re-imagining products, Mark has formulated award-winning performance drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic kombucha, protein powders, vegan foods, collagen supplements and nootropics.

In 2019 and 2020, Mark oversaw the design of a 150kL microbrewery in Sydney’s south-west for an alcoholic-kombucha and non-alcoholic kombucha for a private venture, where they researched and distilled Australia’s first tea-based spirit. Mark takes functional beverages to a new level using breakthroughs in nutrition to allow products to have scientifically validated benefits. In a world demanding more from their food and drink – having fortified and healthier food and drink couldn’t be better.